Update: as with October 2019, the LRFTubes has been brought offline and will become proprietary code. If you have any questions regarding this change, or if you wish to get a copy of the code from before this time stamp, please contact us.

LRFTubes a Python code for computing one-dimensional viscothermal acoustic waves in tubes. This code is written in Python 3 and can be used to compute acoustic wave propagation in wide and narrow ducts with various cross sections. The tubes can be connected and boundary conditions can be applied, this way various one-dimensional acoustic systems can be built, such as Helmholtz resonators, quarter wave resonators and the like. LRFTubes is used by ASCEE to design custom mufflers, silencers and absorbers.

LRFTubes is available on our public git repository



Here are some example documents created with Jupyter Notebook:


To install the software, clone the repository:

git clone

and run

python install

Then, you can run the examples in the examples directory.


See LICENSE in the Git repository.